Luggage and Airport Safe Straps by:

Airport Belts & Luggage Straps

At Strapworks, we carry straps and belts of many sizes and colors, with several choices for connecting and end hardware buckles. Though our belts may fluctuate in the fashion world, they are top notch in the functional world. Our Belts are a great solution to keep your britches from making unexpected visits to your ankles, or keeping your bags closed during transit.

All our Airport safe belts are made with a length of webbing in Flat Nylon, Lightweight or Heavyweight Polypropylene, or Polyester, with a plastic hardware sewn to an end.

Whether you are looking for a Shoulder Strap for your bag, a Luggage Strap to keep your bags secure, or even just a belt to keep from showing off your underwear, Strapworks provides for you simple, easy to use, metal detector safe belts and straps.

Straps and Belts

Shoulder Straps

Our Shoulder Straps are made with your choice of webbing, with a plastic slide for length adjustment, and 2 plastic rotating snap hooks as end hardware to connect to your carry-on and checked luggage, or cameras and binoculars.

Luggage and Bag Straps

Luggage/Bag straps are great for securing your luggage, keeping your luggage closed during transport, and easier for those pesky TWA agents to open your bags without breaking locks, and disturb your unmentionables with less hassle. Luggage Straps use your choice of webbing, with a Single Adjust Side Release Buckle sewn to an end. Simply wrap the strap around your luggage, secure the 2 ends of the buckle together, and then pull on the loose flap of webbing to tighten.

Airport-safe Belts

Airport-safe belts are belts like any other. They keep your waistline from saying "Hello!" to your ankles. The difference in these belts in comparison to standard belts is that Airport-safe Belts save time and effort at the metal detector because they are all made with your choice of webbing with either a plastic Side Release Buckle, or a plastic Cam Buckle. Either of these are ideal because they use plastic, adjustable, hold tight once they are adjusted, easy to use and release, and usable for multiple applications aside from accessorizing your clothing.